Hotel Franchising for Hotel Owners

The Cobblestone Hotels brand has become a trusted brand by guests and hoteliers alike. Hotel brand franchising can be a tough process to go through. It is an uncomplicated and easy process when you franchise with Cobblestone Hotels. Whether you are a conversion to our Boarders Inn and Suites by Cobblestone brand or a newly built Cobblestone Inn and Suites or Cobblestone Hotel and Suites brand, we make the process easy for you, our client. Why are Cobblestone Hotels different?

Cobblestone Hotels Understands

We work for our Franchisees. Not the other way around.

Cobblestone Hotels Cares

As a growing brand we make sure our franchisees are happy. As seasoned industry leaders, our team knows what happens when a client is not happy. They leave, tell all their colleagues/family/friends that they were not happy, and do not return. Our current franchisees are our best sales people.

Cobblestone Hotels is Fair

When you franchise with Cobblestone Hotels you receive low flat pricing with the same services and support that you do and should receive from every other brand available.

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